Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt – the real thing

While prancing around through ancient Egypt and you feel like a interesting mental game, just do the following: combine pairs of cards that add up to 13 and you get Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt. Well that is over simplifying it as the Ancient Egypt Pyramid Solitaire game is really one of the best versions of pyramid patience you will play on the net.

What we have in Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt ends its connection with Ancient Egypt right at the artwork. Well not completely. That point in history was actually shrouded in mystery and now that a puzzle game carries its name, it couldn’t be more appropriate.

screenshot of the pyramid solitaire ancient egypt in actionThe Kings count 13, and you can remove them on their own, the Queens count 12, the Jacks 11 and the Aces are worth 1. The rest are as valuable as the numbers on them.

To help you out a bit, and believe me you will need it, you can place a card temporarily in the temp card store. Sooner than later you will need it to complete a pair. This feature in itself is one of the features that make Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt such a great game. The one key to success is however combining this “temp card store” with the three cards you can pull from the waste pile. The other key is speed…

Speed is crucial when enjoying this solitaire game. You need to make sure that you run through the combinations as quickly as possible. If you remove cards, you score and time bonus increases. If you wait too long to make a new move, the time bonus starts dropping and doesn’t stop!

If you keep up the speed, you can make sure that you get a good score even if you go bust. When you go bust you are give the option to take the points. Doing this makes it possible to start working on your top 10 scores. I just love chasing my own scores and bettering them the whole time.

There are a number of levels you can work through in Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt however and this offers a great challenge. It is by no means easy to do this, especially if you are always trying to beat your previous scores. In the pursuit of this you need to know however when to call it quits. There is no shame in it if you “Take Points”. Be sure however that you have exhausted all of your options first and you have tried every possible combination.

Believe me… this is one of the best high speed versions of solitaire you will play and one the best two on our site in my opinion.
The start screen of ancient Egypt pyramid solitaire

A couple of interesting features of Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt

Where some of the solitaire games fall a bit short in terms of delivering entertainment, this one is an exception. There are a number of interesting features that they throw into the mix and we would like to have a look at some of them.

time bonus ancient egypt pyramid solitaireThe first feature of pyramid solitaire ancient Egypt that we would lie to loo at is the time bonus. Time bonuses are often associated with other versions of solitaire like tri peas solitaire. Pyramid solitaire already requires you to do a bit of quick math and now just to put the cherry on top you have to do it quickly! Not impossible, but it does take a bit of time to get used to.

You will also see that they mention “Round 1” on this picture, so depending on how well you play you would be able through a couple of challenging rounds. With most versions of pyramid patience that is not the case, but with pyramid solitaire ancient Egypt it is.

taking the points playing Pyramid Solitaire Ancient EgyptAs you are playing against time you will be offered another feature… If you run out of options and you are at a dead end you will be offered the option to take the points.

The picture explains it quite clearly (with my wonderful graphic design skills throwing the two images together). If you take the points you can still benefit a little from the time bonus even though you didn’t complete the stage.

Once you have done this you will go to the scoreboard. If you have made a new high score you would be able to enter it at this time. So you would be able to constantly challenge yourself to improve your scores when you play Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt

This ancient Egypt themed version of pyramid solitaire is one of the best examples of how you can take a classic card game and turn it into a very entertaining and addictive game. The game-play doesn’t differ a lot from the other types of pyramid solitaire you would be able to play on The difference however comes in with the effort made by the developers in just adding that little bit extra for players to enjoy.

This is about as close to a perfect pyramid solitaire. I would give Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt a score of 9/10.

Here is another video on the game

It will give you a quick rundown of how it is played and point out the nice extras it has to offer.

Melinda du Plooy