Who Really Plays Pyramid Mahjong Solitaire?

If someone ever asks you who really plays pyramid mahjong solitaire, then the answer is simple: it is a game reserved for those who love solitaire… loves something a bit out of the ordinary… someone who enjoys a good challenge. They call it pyramid mahjong solitaire, but to be totally honest: it is just plain old mahjong solitaire. The only difference is that you don’t have the original Chinese characters on the tiles and instead you have the card numbers. Well not quite…

How you select the tiles to remove them.This is a mix of two of the most enjoyable games of solitaire out there: pyramid solitaire and mahjong solitaire.

While the tiles are all stacked like in mahjong solitaire, you still need to remove them by making stacks that add up to 13. It is definitely not a game for when your brain is tired.

Playing it on a regular basis is probably like push-ups for your brain and definitely worth the effort. Even better: it is loads of fun playing this hybrid version of patience.

The biggest problem really is the more you play it, the more you become addicted to it. I see a great deal of lost hours in your future… That is exactly why people play it so often. They just love it. Playing something that is soooo familiar, but totally out of the ordinary makes it a lot more entertaining and thrilling.

It is game on in pyramid mahjong solitaire

Why you should play Pyramid Mahjong Solitaire

The first time I laid eyes on this version of solitaire I thought that the developers were completely out of their minds. How the hell do you throw two classic versions of solitaire together to create this monstrosity? Well I couldn’t have been more wrong.

removing tiles in pyramid mahjong solitaire

As you start removing the tiles, in typical pyramid solitaire fashion, you start realizing that you need to think about how to clear the board in exactly the same way as when you are playing mahjong solitaire. It is quite a bit confusing at the start and takes a few rounds to get used to.

So although it is a great way to relax, I actually think this one gives your brain quite a decent problem solving workout.

pyramid mahjong solitaire level completed

Even though I was lucky enough to complete the level on this try, it was definitely not that easy. The levels in Pyramid Mahjong Solitaire (still weird to say that) gets more and more difficult to navigate. That is exactly what I am after and in my opinion this is a winner.

If you look at the graphics used in the game, that might benefit from a few little touch ups, but that is also where I have to stop my criticism. Basically you are looking at a multi-level pyramid patience game, with a time bonus and a totally weird layout… what could someone who loves solving puzzles want more?

As everything in life is a competition I thought I should start scoring the games on how good I think they are. Pyramid Mahjong Solitaire is however a difficult one to score as it is half pyramid solitaire and half mahjong solitaire, so which one should I score?

I think however that it is a pyramid solitaire game at its core, if you look at how the tiles are removed, and it just bears similarities to mahjong solitaire because of how its laid out.

It is very playable, enjoyable, original and addictive and I score it an 9/10. I am a sucker for mahjong solitaire and pyramid solitaire and this is its lovechild. And THAT’s why [drops the mic and walks off…]

Here is the video version on how to play

We didn’t make this video to long. Just long enough for the crazy people who would like playing the game. If you were wondering: we are still fans of all crazy people.