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There are many variations of pyramid solitaire you will find scattered across the web and we have put together a number of the ones that we enjoy playing. The very enjoyable (and frustrating… and irritating) part of the game that I enjoy most is having to think a few moves ahead.

Games like pyramid solitaire have stood the test of time as they will always remain a challenge. Unlike many games out there that you can master quickly and then it gets boring quickly. Although there are many different variations of solitaire (or patience) you can play online, this is definitely one of the most challenging.

There are a number of ways you can enjoy the game. You can play it online, download it or play it as an app on your mobile. On our site we would like to cater to the people who enjoy playing pyramid solitaire online.

a game of pyramid solitaireBelow you will see a breakdown of the different variations of the game we have on offer on our site and we do hope that you thoroughly enjoy playing all of these marvelous games. If you do enjoy them, share it with your friends through one of the social networks shown towards the left of the screen.

Pyramid solitaire is to by enjoyed by everyone, so why keep it from your friends?

Our list of pyramid solitaire games

Pyramid Solitaire Original

Pyramid Solitaire Deluxe

Pyramid Solitaire Farm Edition

Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt

Classic Pyramid Solitaire

Cardmania Pyramid Solitaire

Aztec Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire: Mummy’s Curse

Pyramid Mahjong Solitaire

The basics of the game

The idea behind the game is very simple: remove all of the cards. Now that is a lot easier said than done. There are a number of variations of the game, as you can see above, but the basic principle for all of them stays the same.

In each version of the game you need to make groups of either one or two cards that come to a total of 13. When you get to 13, the cards are removed from the pyramid. If you remove all of the cards, you win on that level.

The card values in pyramid solitaire are as follows:
– King = 13
– Queen = 12
– Jack = 11
– Ace = 1
– The rest = their face value

So basically it means that you can remove a single King, but the rest you need to pair up with another card to get to the total of 13.

You would only be able to remove cards that are not covered at all by any other cards. If any part of a card is covered, you need to first remove the card on top of it before it can be removed.

Getting better at the game

Practice doesn’t really make perfect here, but it does get you going in the right direction. The thing that fascinates me about the game is that you can play it a thousand times and still get caught out. To improve at pyramid solitaire you need to think a few steps ahead.

If you remove the wrong combinations of cards, you will end up painting yourself into a corner and make it near impossible for you to complete a level.

Putting in some serious game time doesn’t cost you a cent, it only takes time, so play away…

The brief history of the game

Pyramid solitaire has now been popular for over two decades. It first became popular way back in 1990 when it was released as part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack. At the time it went under another name however, namely Tut’s Tomb.

Since then many variations of the game have popped up all over the place. It has however come full circle and now forms part of the Microsoft Solitaire Collection on Windows 8.